Income Tax Preparation and Planning


One of the biggest concerns we hear from new clients is how changes in the tax law will affect them.  It is the combination of tax professionals working alongside our financial advisor that makes our firm so effective in tax planning.  In today’s volatile tax environment, you need a firm that can help protect you from over taxation.

Your income tax story does not have to be written by the IRS alone.  There are strategies and planning that should go hand in hand with your long term retirement goals.  WE believe that good tax planning is a critical part of your long term plans, and that is why we have been preparing taxes for the public since 2008.  You need to be aware of the opportunities and dangers that exist for you in the tax code and how that affects your retirement monies for now and in the future.


Austin Tax & Financial has been preparing tax returns since 2008 and completes nearly 2000 returns every year. Our clients call it “One of the best values in Southwest Michigan!”  Beyond the quality of our work, our clients love our competitive pricing – usually a fraction of what they have paid in the past to have their taxes prepared.

Would you like a quote on your tax preparation?  In many cases, we can give you a quote based on reviewing your tax return from last year.  Contact us and we would be happy to take a look!